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“JICA NINJA Accelerator Demo Day 2024: Unleashing Innovation, Transforming Futures!”

The day was bright and fair, as it hosted the presence of sound minds across different sectors of the economy. From the start of Demo Day 2023 to the end, it was a huge success as the entire event evolved into a vibrant hub of ideas and collaboration. Although many factors came together, Demo Day was much of a huge success because of the sponsorship given by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as part of the JICA NINJA Accelerator – Africa project that we support. Hence, with the amount of impact made, we are confident that the insights gained will have a lasting impact on future endeavors.

The JICA, in collaboration with Double Feather Partners, (and some co-partners like Deloitte Tohmatsu, and GrowthAfrica), developed the NINJA Accelerator in Kenya intending to offer comprehensive tools to improve company success in the country. NINJA Accelerators in Africa, supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), enable high-growth, locally-driven, creative initiatives focusing on community and socioeconomic impact. By assisting emerging economies with their socioeconomic development, recovery, or economic stability, the Japan International Collaboration Agency (JICA) aspires to foster international collaboration and manage official development assistance on behalf of the Japanese government in developing countries.

Double Feather Partners (DFP) as a Japanese venture capital and startup ecosystem engagement consulting firm stands in a gap in providing market analysis and startup ecosystem participation consulting services to multinational organizations, corporations, and government agencies and providing risk capital to ventures in new markets. Our laser-focused projects like Acceleration Programs, presently offer boost startup ecosystems and African markets.

Special appreciation to the team from Double Feather Partners (Yannick Gayama, Gerelmaa Vangun, and Albert Mbithi), Deloitte, and GrowthAfrica for their amazing project execution. Their combined effects surely resulted in a smooth organization and immense participation from many and sundry. In the same vein, we extend our sincerest gratitude to the third batch of participants, Baridi, Mazi Mobility, Mega Gas Alternative Energy, Timao Group, and Ycenter Shambah Solutions, for their exceptional exhibition and proposal presentations. The entire environment resonated with vibrancy, as a result of the matched-up efforts of both the organizers and participants.

As we look forward to the next event, we keep up the dedication to driving innovation and sustainability forward, with a mindset of laying a brick on another, one step at a time. For surely, the future is bright.