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JICA NINJA Accelerator – Africa Cohort 3 Ventures Head to Japan!”

In lieu of celebrating 60 years of independence, and collaboration with the Republic of Kenya, NINJA Accelerator in Kenya launches 3rd cohort, and subsequently selected five (5) startups. The five startups were picked within the cleantech space, even as the World gears towards clean energy. According to SDG-7 (Affordability and Clean Energy), our focus correlates with the intent of the World’s body for cleaner and safer environment. The five Kenyan startups chosen will have access to direct support to build and develop their businesses via financial assistance, networking and mentorship opportunities, fundraising windows, as well as an opportunity to participate in roadshow in Japan fully funded 3rd Party events.

Selected based on critical factors based on team and management, business model, and future influence (in the cleantech space, and environment), the five startups were keenly screened and intentionally chosen to benefit from the support. In bid to further refine the selected, and prepare them for what is ahead, a 16-week transformative journey schedule was put in place, as they will embark on it, so as to keep them well-structured. The selected include:

Ycenter Shambah Solutions – uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to give small-scale producers last-mile soil testing and analysis; MegaGas – gathers plastic garbage and, using a proprietary thermal splitting technique, turns it into clean cooking gas, giving low-income clients a safe, economical, and green energy substitute for charcoal or LPG gas); Baridi is an inventor of solar-enhanced refrigeration solutions with Pay-as-you-Store or Lease-to-Own options; Timao Group – As part of the circular economy, recycles post-consumer plastic trash and transforms it into modular building materials for designers and construction businesses; and finally, Mazi Mobility is a network of suppliers of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) that builds and sets up electric motorcycles locally and offers quick, inexpensive, and convenient battery-switching facilities.

Subsequently, many comments have been recorded with regards the impacts made by this initiative. Starting from Chief Representative from JICA Kenya – Hajime Iwama expressing overwhelming excitement, and assurances to promote cross-sector synergies between the startups and JICA’s programs, which will stimulate innovation and expansion. Similarly, Dr. Tonny Omwansa, Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA) expressed gratitude to Japan for helping to create possibilities for innovators in Kenya. Also, GrowthAfrica through her Managing Director, Patricia Jumi declared their excitement for helping successful business owners on their expansion quests. In same vein, CEO, Kohei Muto also rendered due excitement about presenting the startups to our network of companies and investors who are enthusiastic about the cleantech industry.

By giving founders the tools they need to become more partnership- and investment-ready, the NINJA Accelerator in Kenya helps them grow their businesses and succeed in the Kenyan market. One of which Double Feather Partners represent on all fronts. With specific projects like Acceleration Programs, Accelerator Boost Programs, and our Africa Innovation Fund, we presently offer services to boost startup ecosystems and African markets, of which Kenya is part of the focal point, for its sub region, as well as the continent at large.

The NINJA Accelerator in Kenya has also produced several notable alumni, including the profitable businesses Wasoko, Kwara, Amitruck, Zana Africa, Shamba Pride, Kijenzi, and My Movies.Africa. These endeavors are motivational illustrations of how the program fosters successful entrepreneurship.