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“Double Feather Partners Embarks on Strategic Investment Mission in Côte d’Ivoire with JETRO, Exploring Growth Opportunities in West Africa’s Industrial Sector”

In February, Double Feather Partners, represented by Kohei Muto had the honor of being invited to the investment mission by the subsidiary organization of the Ministry of Economics of Japan (JETRO – Japan External Trade Organization ). The mission was to assess the investment opportunities for Japanese companies in Côte d’Ivoire’s and West Africa’s growing industrial sector. The mission aimed to create mutually beneficial partnerships by taking advantage of the country’s stable economy, particularly in agriculture, and favourable political conditions.

A group of 33 individuals from 26 companies operating in various sectors, such as trading, agriculture, finance, and manufacturing, participated in the mission.
The itinerary included visits to key government offices, DFIs, potential business partners, industrial parks, and conducting seminars to offer investment insights and networking opportunities.

Our engagements extended to the HQs of the African Development Bank Group, discussing VC impacts on youth and women’s employment, a continuation of fruitful dialogues with President Adesina.

Despite having three full-time French-speaking professionals at our firm and supporting several francophone companies, we’re yet to invest directly but are strategizing the best approach for future endeavors