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DFP presents their memorandum at the METI, the Government of Kenya, and JETRO – Japan External Trade Organization plenary meeting of the Second Japan-Africa Public-Private Economic Forum held on May 3rd, 2022 in Nairobi. 

DFP presents their memorandum at the METI, the Government of Kenya, and JETRO – Japan External Trade Organization plenary meeting of the Second Japan-Africa Public-Private Economic Forum held on May 3rd, 2022 in Nairobi. 


It was a great honor to have our CEO, Kohei Muto present at this event where he reaffirmed our determination to play a strategic role in improving and deepening economic relations between Japan and Africa across the six (6) investment sectors (Finance/Insurance, Agriculture, Energy, Healthcare, Logistics) with key players in the ecosystem. We introduced our 4 MOUs (of the total 18) with Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd., African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (AVCA), AfricArena, and Africa Health Business to drive business potential. 

  1. African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (AVCA) 

The African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (AVCA), a well-known pan-African industry organization that promotes and facilitates private investment in Africa have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Double Feather Partners (DFP) centering on six critical sectors of investments. AVCA and DFP presented this memorandum at the METI, the Government of Kenya, and JETRO – Japan External Trade Organization plenary meeting of the Second Japan-Africa Public-Private Economic Forum held on May 3rd, 2022, in Nairobi, Kenya. 

The MoU which is an establishment of a cooperation agreement between the two leading Africa-focused companies to partner in high-profile sectors of human development aims at fostering strategic partnerships, access to investment opportunities (through co-investment with foreign investors in value-adding possibilities), and continuous social development innovation in Finance/Insurance, Agriculture, Energy, Healthcare and Logistics. By educating, empowering, and connecting members and stakeholders with independent industry research, best practice training programs, and great networking opportunities which include its impacts on Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), the critical role they played in promoting ESG investment practices in Africa and the straightforward adoption of ESG criteria to safeguard the value and specific impact investing strategies that address societal issues at the risk of receiving financial returns that are below market or non-existent; its expertise in forming alliances with reliable investors who have a track record of success and channeling knowledge and funds to these areas, the AVCA thus plays a vital role as a promoter and effective change agent for the industries. Similarly, we as Double Feather Partners, on the other hand, are a Japanese-based international venture capital firm that analyzes the African market and is deeply involved in the startup ecosystem to identify basic social challenges there. With the help of unique initiatives like our Africa Innovation Fund and accelerator assistance programs, we presently offer services to boost African markets and startup ecosystems. And this MoU is surely a broader net to make impacts. 

  1. Africa Health Business 

The MoU which is an official concord of collaboration with regard to the Health Sector and its economics is a stepping stone to achieving unprecedented feats in that regard, in the African continent. Presented at the METI, the Government of Kenya, and JETRO – Japan External Trade Organization plenary meeting of the Second Japan-Africa Public-Private Economic Forum held on May 3rd, 2022, in Nairobi, Kenya, the combination of DFP and African Health Business (AHB) in this picture is a perfect blend of mutual, all-sided enhancement.  

With a goal of increasing equitable access to healthcare in Africa and sound expertise in research and versatile knowledge on how to improve interactions with and utilization of healthcare systems, the African Health Business (AHB) stands tall amongst many as it combines this with in-depth local and national knowledge to offer some of the biggest institutions, businesses, and investors on the African continent actionable information. To tackle the most urgent health issues, they make use of this expertise. 

Its frontline effort in elaborating the need for robust evidence-based policies that would inform impactful practice in the prevention and control of cancer can also not be overemphasized, as its contribution through the National Cancer Institute of Kenya (NCI-Kenya) has been impactful over the years. Similarly, its vehement awareness of Diabetes and its actionable plans towards curtailing these diseases are surely not unnoticed by many leading health institutions. There seems to be limited awareness of the value that medical professionals can add to the wider health ecosystem synergies and development, awareness, and understanding of the potential growth trajectories of medical professionals beyond clinical work, and the AHB has taken it upon itself to bridge this gap. 

Likewise, we as Double Feather Partners currently play very key roles in pinpointing and identifying critical areas of human interests and then provide services to support African start-ups ecosystems and marketplaces. A lot of impacts have been recorded, and this is not an exception. 

  1. AfricArena  

AfricArena is a framework for open innovation and entrepreneurship that was created with a digital approach in mind. It consists of several investment deal flow events and interventions as well as an open-source platform for all players. Via its annual ‘Unconference’ held in Cape Town, South Africa, and where AfricArena welcomes the continent’s top tech investors to network and collaborate on common problems, it brings together domestic and foreign investors with the goal of improving the continent’s investment climate.​  

With focus on AgricTech, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, Education, Tech4Good, Investments in Tech Startups, Financial and Commerce Inclusion, Smart City, Incubation Acceleration, and Healthcare, AfricArena is dedicated to making good positive marks on the sand of the African Soil. 

AfricArena also provides booths and exhibition opportunities to help high-quality goods and services gain awareness via its ‘The Summit’ platform as it is open to receiving innovative works from young investors alike. In this vein, its code of partnership is readily revealed in its partnership with incubators, accelerators, investors, and our alumni community, as it can spot promising companies tackling some of the biggest challenges of the continent. 

On the other hand, we at Double Feather Partners examine the African market and are directly involved in the start-up ecosystem to discover fundamental socioeconomic concerns there. We currently provide services to support African markets and start-up ecosystems through innovative programs. A connection (beginning with the MoU) with DFP is surely the icing on the cake as the duo has a lot in common. 

  1. Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd 

Located in Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo, Japan, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines is a transport firm; one of the biggest shipping firms in the world. With a tradition of helping to develop international enterprises and wealthy communities through ocean shipping, the MOL Limited has indeed carved a huge niche for itself in the Shipping sector, ensuring a prosperous future and support to people’s lives from the blue waters. With a vision to create a variety of social infrastructure firms in addition to traditional shipping businesses, by employing the use of cutting-edge technology and services to satisfy changing social needs like environmental preservation, the MOL group strives to be a solid and robust business organization that expands internationally and offers fresh value to all stakeholders. Keeping a safety-first mindset and working to raise awareness of safety; learning and practicing the fundamentals of workplace safety are ways to secure lives from the blue water. And this is what the combination of DFP and MOL represents. Likewise, the transportation of agro-commodities along the water corridors, and with these vessels is surely guaranteed with the conception of the MoU. 

DFP’s interest in Logistics and Transportation is most definitely a step in the right direction as both seek to invest in the sector and in a bid to make work easier than normal.