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“CFAO’s Green Drive: $3M Investment Powers BasiGo’s Electric Mobility Revolution in Africa”

It is amazing to learn about the USD 3 million investment (in equity) by the CFAO Group into the BasiGo startup company. CFAO, a subdivision of Toyota Tsusho Corporation sits as the largest distribution network of automobiles in Africa, as it currently serves 40 African countries. Also, it has major shares in the mobility, renewable energy, consumer, and healthcare sectors.
With a strong drive to build an absolute green value chain in Africa, CFAO and BasiGo align both in mission and vision strategies. From the generation of renewable energy to clean electric vehicles of Carbon transport systems, African cities are set to be clean and free of global warming tendencies.
BasiGo says over 19 electric buses to public transport operators have been delivered in Nairobi and hopes to have at least 1000 electric buses deployed in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania by the end of 2025. The collaboration between CFAO and BasiGo will surely improve customers’ trust and participation in creating a clean future.